Linea KruseDot XP

Offset printing blankets


High Quality Sheet-fed printing blanket 3-Ply with microground  dual  purpose printing surface and special carcass design to provide extremely high resistance to both UV & conventional inks.

Well suited for sheet-fed commercial offset, packaging and metal printing.

Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and a strictly controlled manufacturing process, a very good printing quality is achieved with a variety of substrates including recycled board on all presses available in the market.

Excellent dot reproduction and ink density.

The specific compressible layer features enable a high mechanical resistance to smash and long product life.

It allows a uniform ant constant pressure on all surface with high resistance to ink staining and paper-edge marking. 

Converting and barring operations are performed with the most updated equipment and materials. 

Product lead time  is minimized thanks to high professional logistic and customer care.



Application:  High quality commercial and packaging offset printing
Ink: Conventional and UV
Colour: Blue
Surface:  Microground
Surface Roughness Ra:  Approx 1.1 μm (N/mm2)
Thickness:  1.95 mm +/- 0.02 mm
Hardness (total): 79 shore A 
Enlogation: <0.90 % (500 N/5 cm)