Polyurethane plate

V70 PACK 3 115-135

Strippable polymer coating plate for acrylic and mid - run UV coating applications


V70 Pack 3 is a strippable plate for inline coating on sheetfed offset presses.

The product is made mainly of thermoplastic material, can be used several times, and is recommended for use with acrylic coating. It can also be used with UV coatings for medium runs.

V70 Pack 3 is a new, technologically innovative version of a well-established product on the market (V70 Pack), with exceptional resistance to ink build up and layer delamination caused by the penetration of coatings.

The combination of V70 Pack3 with compressible layer Varnicomp SR enhances the coating quality results, ensuring a uniform and consistent coating transfer over a variety of substrates.

Using UV coatings, at the end of every print run, it is highly recommended to clean the plate surface with a wash in order to remove all residual of coating, then rinse with water and dry.

Plates’ barring and punching service is available on demand ask Kruse for details info@kruseonline.com




TOP LAYER MADE BY SOFT TPU Excellent transfer both with acrylic and UV coatings. Contains special slow-release additives that prevent the ink build up on the surface, with a consequent reduction of run stops for plate cleaning. Resistance to swelling due to UV coatings and washes used for cleaning. Higher mechanical resistance compared to a rubber surface. Easy to cut with CAD plotter.


Clean and sharp cut out edges. Plate transparency allows to overlap it to dye cut layout for manual cutting. Easy stripping increases productivity. Lot to lot consistency for adhesion and peel strength.


Base dimensional stability ensures perfect register even after several repeated job. Special surface treatment to increase adhesion, without compromising the easy peeling.