Compressible underplate

Varnicomp SR



Non adhesive VARNICOMP SR is installed on press with the small bars used with calibrated papers.

How to install the VARNICOMP SR adhesive:

  • Clean and degrease the cylinder surface
  • Strip a 15-20 cm polypropilene adhesive protection liner from the back of VARNICOMP SR at the clamp side.

Apply carefully VARNICOMP SR along the clamp edge, complete the liner removal with regularity and apply pressure by hands from the center to the edges to eliminate air bubbles.

The small pressure roll, when installed, will help the process, it is advisable to mount a coating plate VARNIPLATE on the cylinder and run some cylinder revolutions. VARNICOMP SR has a soft compressible layer protecting from vibration and machine noise.

VARNICOMP SR is easily replaceable from the cylinder at the end of press life.


The use of a compressible material as underpacking is fundamental with all the new generation coating plates which, unlike rubber blankets, do not include a layer of compressible material.

The coating form itself must be highly compressible, as in coating application the printing pressure must be kept as low as possible.

With a rigid, non compressible layer, the printing pressure will be too high with negative impact on coating transfer quality.

KRUSE VARNICOMP SR, underpacked to VARNIPLATE/VARNIBLUE, has an excellent resilience (the material’s capacity to spring back to original thickness after each compression).

The product has extended durability due to its high mechanical resistance.

VARNICOMP SR is made of polyurethane with a specific profile of peaks and valleys. As shown in the enclosed drawings these peaks behave like a spring when compressed

VARNICOMP SR resilience and the elastic response have superior performance and advantages compared to compressibility in blankets system made of closed cells.

See the three drawings attached.


0,64 mm + VPL/VBL 1,95 mm = 2.60 mm total thickness for MANROLAND

1,00 mm + VPL/VBL 1,35 mm = 2.35 mm total thickness for MITSUBISHI

1,30 mm + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm + 0.80 mm paper = 3.25 mm total thickness for HEIDELBERG-MANROLAND 900 + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm = 2.45 mm total thickness for MITSUBISHI

1,45 mm + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm = 2.60 mm total thickness for MANROLAND + VPL/VBL 1.35 mm = 2.80 mm total thickness for KOMORI and RYOBI

1,95 mm + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm = 3.10 mm total thickness for HEIDELBERG XL105 + VPL/VBL 1.35 mm = 3.30 mm total thickness for MANROLAND big sizes and KBA

2,10 mm + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm = 3.25 mm total thickness for KBA-HEIDELBERG CD + VPL/VBL 1.15 mm = 3.25 mm total thickness for MANROLAND big sizes