Fountain Additive

K Fount 320


Dampening additive for sheet-fed offset presses.

K-FOUNT 320 is an additive of the new generation for high speed presses.

K-FOUNT 320 thanks to the dynamic surfactants in the formulation, allows to obtain an excellent print quality.

K-FOUNT 320 behaves optimally even in UV printing.



K-FOUNT 320 gives to the damping solution high stability of pH and conductivity values, maintaining its efficiency in time.

K-FOUNT 320 contains innovative raw materials that do not permit the oxide deposit on the rollers, improving the spreading of the water film on the plate.

K-FOUNT 320 improves the ink setting increasing the safety in high pile even on elevated speeds. 

K-FOUNT 320 is formulated in a way to result with a low environmental impact, thanks to its vegetable origin components.

K-FOUNT 320 is recommended for medium soft waters.



  1. Dampening solution efficient and stable in time, with consequent reduction of regeneration costs
  2. Drastic reduction of start-up times
  3. Sharp and brilliant printing
  4. Elimination of build ups on blankets and on dampening rollers
  5. Total elimination of oxide from rollers and blankets
  6. Minor environmental impact



Dilute K-FOUNT 320 in percentage of 2-3% depending on original water quality, adding a percentage of 5-7% of IPA.



Appearance                                                     Light green liquid

Odor                                                                Mild characteristic

pH  (as it is)                                                      4,6 - 4,7

Boiling temperature                                          > 100°C

Density                                                             1,040 -1,060 g/cm3

Water soluble                                                   Complete

Solvent soluble                                                Not soluble

Indicated data are characteristic and typical of the product and do not constitute specifics.



Chemical product, for industrial use only, particularly irritant to eyes.

It is recommended to use the personal protective equipment indicated in the MSDS, while manipulating the product, especially protective glasses and gloves as well as adequate clothing.

In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor.