Mat Laser Film - Toner

K Mat Laser



A matt film for laser printers. K Mat Laser is a polyester film with matt surfaces on both sides, treated with thermo-stable and antistatic processes to ensure perfect laser toner anchorage and high abrasion resistance. This film is ideal for use with laser printers in desk top publishing applications and replaces graphic films (with silver salts) as it can be exposed directly on offset plates, photopolymeric plates and serigraphy frames. The toner can be further darkened by using our Density Toner or manual sprays. K Mat Laser is available in standard formats and non-standard formats, such as 90/75 my and 115/100 my.

Il Mat Laser is available in any format: A4, A3, A3+, A3++, US Letter, Banner, ecc.
Confection from 100 sheets is possible to demand formed outside standard for orders 100 minimums of.